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Defibrillation Monitor BeneHeart D6

Physical characteristics:Monophasic
Main unit: Desktop
  • LGBeneHeart D6

  • OEM

  • 9018110000

Effective treatment of patients

Dual phase wave defibrillation technology can greatly reduce the current flow through the heart during defibrillation and effectively reduce the damage of myocardial tissue. The dual-phase wave defibrillation instrument also has the function of automatic impedance compensation, which can measure the actual impedance of the patient through the defibrillation electrode, and automatically adjust the discharge voltage and discharge time to compensate the influence of too high or too low impedance

Starting up only 2s, charging to 200J only 3s, reduce the time interval from CPR to defibrillation, improve the success rate of defibrillation, and improve the survival rate of patients

Diagnostic grade 12 guide ECG, with 50 years of history, one of the world's top ECG resting algorithm, to ensure the accuracy of the report, the report has a "critical value" warning, highlighting the user's timely treatment of critical patients

Remote transmission function, real-time transmission of out-of-hospital patient information to the hospital/emergency command center, convenient for the hospital to quickly guide out-of-hospital diagnosis and treatment, but also make it possible for the hospital to prepare rescue materials and sites in advance, improve the survival rate of patients

Easy to operate

The humanized engineering design is convenient for users, the menu setting is simple and reasonable, the operation interface is simple and clear, the industry's first menu selection knob, can be simple and quick function setting. To ensure that users use calm confidence in any emergency

The 8.4-inch TFT color display screen displays four waveforms on the same screen, displaying the patient information and equipment status as comprehensively and clearly as possible, ensuring that users can understand the patient status simply and clearly in the first time in any emergency, and providing timely treatment to patients

Simple and convenient maintenance

High performance maintension-free lithium battery, 200 times 360J discharge, LED light indicates the remaining battery capacity, ensure that in any emergency situation will calmly respond to any emergency

U disk to export emergency events, in line with user habits, data by tailored management software management, easy to use and support user scientific research

Ipx-4 (waterproof and dustproof) and other high level of protection, factory after strict testing, users can safely use in any harsh environment


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