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ECG90A Portable ECG Machine

  • LGECG90A
  • OEM
  • 9018110000

Product Introduction:

ECG90A portable ECG machine is a kind of ecg machine to realize the synchronous acquisition of 12 lead ecg signals, using hot array printing ecg waveform print output, it has the following main functions: manual/automatic way to record and display ecg waveform; Automatic measurement and diagnosis of ecg waveform parameters; Can indicate electrode off and lack of paper; Can switch a variety of interface languages; Medical records database management and other functions. Note: There is no automatic analysis function for hosts sold in countries and regions with FDA certification requirements.

Product features:

◆ 12 lead synchronous acquisition, digital signal processing, through the ecg power frequency filtering, baseline filtering and emG filtering, to obtain higher quality ecg map.

The unique high-precision digital filter eliminates baseline drift, does not cause distortion of ecg waveform, and greatly enhances the ability to resist baseline drift, which is convenient for waveform judgment.

◆ The same screen displays 1, 3, 6, 12 lead ecg waveform, as well as printing mode, sensitivity, paper speed, filter and other states, convenient comparison and diagnosis.

Record clear and accurate ecg waveform and annotation text continuously in real time. Note text includes lead mark, sensitivity, paper speed, filter status, etc.

High resolution hot-wire array output system, without any adjustment. Recording frequency up to 150Hz.

◆ Automatic analysis and automatic diagnosis function of routine ecg parameters, providing heart rate, P-R interval, P wave duration, QRS group duration, Q-T interval, Q-TC, P axis, QRS axis, T axis, R(V5) amplitude, S(V1) amplitude, R(V5)+S(V1) amplitude and other measurement parameters and automatic diagnosis conclusions. Reduce the workload of doctors.

◆ Optional memory card, can store 100 medical records, convenient for doctors to review medical records and statistical information.

In retrospective mode, you can view the waveform of the stored medical records, automatically analyze the measurement parameters and diagnostic information.

With simplified Chinese, English and other multi-language operation interface, and can print the corresponding language report.

◆ Optional synchronization kit, connected to PC through USB 2.0 interface, forming ecg workstation system, real-time data collection into the software for analysis, print reports, and can upload the old medical records in the ECG machine to PC.

Ac/DC dual-use, built-in rechargeable lithium battery, under the best DC state can standby 4 hours, continuous printing 90 minutes, continuous printing 150 electrocardiogram, to meet the needs of home visits, physical examination.


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