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Medical Blood Glucose Meter HGM-126T

Technic parameter:
Large LCD screen
Medical grade PC material
Portable,convinient for use
  • LGHGM-126T

  • OEM

  • 9018193090

Bioelectrochemical technique

Easy to test anytime, anywhere

This blood glucose meter uses advanced bioelectrochemical technology, with the heart of research to create professional, clinical proof that our measured values and hospital blood laboratory measured values have a good correlation. You can easily measure it at home and keep track of your glycemic index.

The clinical report is from diabetes Research Institute of Shanghai First People's Hospital

Pre - and post-meal signage

Humanized post-meal and pre-meal comparison, blood sugar situation in the heart

Diet is very important for blood glucose management. Pre-meal and post-meal labeling can help you accurately master your blood glucose level and plan your daily diet. Reference standard: Normal blood glucose level is fasting blood glucose <6.1mmol/L; Blood glucose 2 hours after meal <7.8mmol/L

Large screen backlit display

Clear display, the measurement results at a glance

Large screen display, let you every step of operation at a glance, easy to record the measurement results.

Fast measurement in 6 seconds

In six seconds, there's a shortcut to measuring blood sugar

It takes at least 15 minutes to get your blood sugar measured at the hospital, and the tedious queues and long waits can be frustrating. Omron has developed a rapid blood glucose measurement that can quickly determine the exact blood glucose level in just 6 seconds. Give you a shortcut to measure blood sugar, just for your earlier peace of mind.

Target value setting

Easy determination of glycemic targets

The target blood glucose value has been set. At the end of each measurement, the difference between the blood glucose value and the target value can be easily viewed through the comparison of the blood glucose value. Let the hypoglycemic sugar control become dynamic.


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